Whats A Scooter?

That Freedom feeling you get when you ride a scooter.

You're doing the "zippity" when you're easily maneuvering around traffic. And the "doo-dah" certainly reflects your sense of "whatever comes, I can handle it!" Scooters, whether they’re electric scooters, motor scooters (or gas scooters), or even kids push scooters, carry with them a general sense of freedom and independence. Have you ever ridden one? If so, do you remember that feeling? It’s awesome, isn’t it? And for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to experience this unique feeling, we’re going to explain to you here, in simple terms, how scooters work, and how they instill that thrill within your whole being.

What are scooters?

First of all, we’ll explain exactly what a scooter is. By definition, a scooter is a “wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel”. And that’s really all it is. What makes scooters so cool is all the other things the manufacturers add to this simple structure.

Speaking of the structure, scooters are made basically in one single piece. This piece is the frame, that starts at the front with the handlebars, extending down to a solid, wide front, through the middle in the form of floorboards, and up the back to the seat. The wheels are attached to the frame at either end.

There are many accessories added to this basic structure. For example, there’s usually some kind of cargo or storage box at the back, behind the seat. There’s a windshield that can be attached in the front. And, of course, there are the necessary headlights, taillights, and other marking devices strategically placed on the scooter.

What types of scooters are available?

There are many many different makes, models, styles and colors to choose from in the scooter line. One thing that makes them so attractive is the vibrant colors they come in. For example, the new Honda Helix CN250 scooter comes in 11 brilliant colors: Metallic Silver, Black, Pearl White, Candy Blue, Metallic Grey, Yellow, Red, Metallic Yellow, Light Blue, Pearl Beige and Candy Dark Blue. Wow! What a colorful array!

There are many different types of scooters, too. Depending on what you’re going to use it for, you’ll find a scooter that’s made for that particular use. Scooter designers and manufacturers have thought of everything. That’s why there’s such a diverse variety of models available.

If you want a quiet ride, to travel short distances, you can get an electric bicycle. Now these are a great one-step-up vehicle from the bicycle – an easy transformation as a person becomes from street savvy. Electric bicycles are no more than a simple bicycle with a battery attached. They’ll get you anywhere within about 10 miles –that’s plenty for anyone who’s transportation needs include just short trips.

If you’re looking at electric scooters, you might want to check out the Scorpion XT, the Thunderbolt, the Tru Speed, the Kettler, the California Chariot, the Radmaxx, or the Radio Flyer. If the look and style of these cool electric scooters matches their names, then you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

If you plan to use your scooter for longer trips, then you’ll need a motorized scooter. And there are many different kinds of motorscooters for you to choose from. If you look online, you’ll see that there’s not only a wide array of models to choose from, like mopeds, motor scooters and gas scooters, but you’ll find that they all come in any kind of style and color you like.

The gas-powered scooter is usually powered by a 2-stroke engine, similar to a lawn-mower motor, that uses a mixture of gas and oil for fuel. The downside of this is the exhaust fumes – it’s not very environmentally-friendly. That’s why the manufacturers have come up a 4-stroke engine for many gas scooters today. They use the gas and oil separately, so they conform to the high emission standards of most countries.

Who makes scooters?

The way to answer that question is probably by saying “Who doesn’t make scooters?” Scooters have become such a popular form of transportation these days. They’re so economical to buy and to run, and they look so stylish and cool, that many of the major transportation makers have made their mark on the scooter market.

The first scooter makers, the Italians, are still very active in the market today. The very first scooter, the Vespa, was very popular for its sleek Italian design and bright colors. Lambretta and Piaggio scooters were also sought-after models in the early scooter days. That’s why many people today buy vintage scooters that have been rebuilt. They still have the convenience of today’s scooters, but with the great old look of the originals.

Some of the other Italian scooter manufacturers, Malaguti, Aprilia, Benelli and Gilera, for example, are sold all over the world, and are easily recognized for their fashionable looks. Aprilia makes a 16”-wheel scooter, with a front disc brake, especially designed for easy handling and stability. Their models come in engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 500cc.

Malaguti scooters are best known for their high-performance, lightweight wheels, and their large under-seat storage. Their models range from 50cc to 150cc. These examples are indicative of the industry – each manufacturer has their own unique features that provide the scooter rider with a wide variety of benefits that’ll fit pretty well any situation.

Many countries have scooter manufacturers trying to get a share of this international market. Besides, Italy, who started it all, it’s spread to Spain, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, England, Germany, the United States and India. Each of these countries have their own unique line of scooters. But one thing they all have in common is, they’re so much fun to ride!

No matter who makes the scooter you’re riding on, there’s a particular feeling that’s shared with all scooter riders around the world. It’s hard to put this feeling into words, but it can probably be best described as a sense of euphoria, a sense of being apart from the world you’re zipping around, a general sense of “Whoopee!”

What else do I need to know about scooters?

So you really want to know everything there is to know about scooters, do you? We’d love to tell you, but there just isn’t enough space here. But we will give a few more scooter hints and tips so you’ll be able to buy your new scooter without any problems.

Safety is the most important factor of happy scooter riding. It doesn’t matter what type of scooter you’re riding, whether it be a gas-powered motor scooter, an electric scooter, or a kids push scooter, YOU NEED TO WEAR A HELMET.

The kids can get away with a standard bicycle helmet, but if you’re riding any kind of scooter that takes you over 10 mph, a standard legal motorcycle helmet should be mandatory. Unfortunately, not all places have helmet laws. But they should! Helmets save lives! Statistics have proven it. There are many styles of cool motorcycle helmets to choose from, so don’t worry about looking dorky. Even if you’re only going on a short trip, wear your helmet! It’s a life and death situation, and you don’t want to end up in the death part of that.

One of the great benefits to scooters is their low maintenance requirements. The owner’s manual that comes with your scooter will outline anything you need to keep an eye on, but there’s nothing complicated about it. All you’re really required to do is enjoy your scooter.

And speaking of enjoying your scooter, if you’re wondering what you can do with your scooter, or where you can go with it, to get the full benefits from it, listen to this: there’s not much you can’t do with your scooter. You can ride free as the wind. You can cruise uphill. You can drift downhill. You can run to the store and back. You can ride to work or to school and back. You can park it easily. You can maneuver around traffic. You can ride to the park to impress your friends with your cool scooter. You can get an awesome feeling that’s hard to get anywhere else – an exhilarating feeling of freedom.

Can I get parts and accessories for scooters?

By all means! We’ll give you an example of what’s available for just one model, and that’ll give you an idea of what you can do with your own scooter. Aprilia offers, for use with their Mojito and Mojito Custom 50 models, a choice of top cases (that’s a storage box that’s mounted on the seat behind you), a parcel rack, a side stand, a chrome grab handle, chrome front and rear mudguards, chrome side protectors, and a Body Guard cable lock. You can really “beef up” your bike with those cool options.

As far as parts go, you won’t need too much, because scooters are so low maintenance. But when some of those parts wear out, you can get replacement parts from any manufacturer or scooter shop, or you can order them online. You can either get the repair or replacement done for you, or you can do it yourself. All the instructions are in the manual, and it’s not really that hard, so give it a whirl. If you find you just can’t do it – no problem. That’s what the shop’s there for.

Summary of scooters

To sum up this wonderful world of scooters, we’d like to help you to see and feel what scooter ownership is like. So sit down, close your eyes, and we’ll guide you through a vision that’ll excite you from head to toe.

You’ve just bought your brand new shiny red scooter. The sun makes it sparkle, reflecting points of light all around you, attracting the attention of everyone in sight. They all ooh and aah as you drive into the street. The traffic’s heavy, but no matter. You can zip in between it – no problem.

You decide to go downtown to check out the sights (well, actually to show off your new scooter). As you’re cruising through the downtown streets, you see a store where one of your friends works. You’d like to stop and say Hi (again, you’re actually going to show off your new scooter), but where do you park? Again – no problem. Your sleek new scooter will fit anywhere you like.

So you’re parked and you’ve brought your friend outside and all he can say is “Wow! I’ve got to get one of those!” You just stand there will a big smile on your face. You’ll be doing that a lot with your new scooter.

Fast-forward to your ride home (although you really never want to go home now – you just want to keep riding your shiny new scooter). The traffic’s lightened up. You’re cruising freely down the street. The sun’s warming your face. You’re thoroughly enjoying yourself. But now we come to the downside – the only downside – to riding a scooter: You’re wide open to swallowing bugs, because whenever you’re riding your scooter, you just can’t get that smile off your face! And that’s the way it’s meant to be!

And now that you know how scooters work, and now you’ve formed that firm vision in your mind, go ahead and turn it into reality. Take all the stuff you just learned and put it to work. Find the scooter that’s going to bring you to that level of enjoyment you’ve just imagined. Go for it! Enjoy it! As they say in the Sports business – just do it!

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