Stop! A Motorcycle helmet is the one accessory you should never ride without


Motorcycle helmets

Once you have purchased the scooter of your dreams, you will want a helmet and other motorcycle & scooter accessories to match!

Proper riding gear is a must and the best motorcycle & scooter accessories are custom made from leather, in order to protect your body. "Road rash" is very painful and can be life threatening. A helmet is just as important to wear, since head injuries are the most common injury in an accident.

You should never ride on your scooter without a Motorcycle Scooter Helmet. Gear up passengers with a helmet too & add a handy scooter accessory like a windshield for added protection against wind or rain.

Find a variety of motorcycle & scooter accessories from the merchants in our buyer's guide. Accessories include cool, colored motorcycle helmets, riding gear, grips and wheelie bars, made by manufacturers like Honda, Lambretta, Piaggio, Yamaha, and Vespa.


A proper fitting helmet, the most important accessory of all, is a must on the road. Safety approved motorcycle helmets protect your head from injury. Wearing a helmet can save your life. A face guard is a handy accessory to help protect your eyes from the wind and dust.

You can find helmets in all sorts of cool styles and funky colors, to suit your riding needs. It's easy to shop online for accessories and helmets in all sorts of styles:

  • Open Face
  • Full Face
  • Face Screen
  • Goggles
  • Visors

Quality helmets are made of durable, padded and compact material. Fiber glass, ABS plastic and polyamide are recommended materials to look for in a helmet.

Ear vents allow you to hear better when you're riding in traffic. It really is worth the extra money you'll spend on a helmet with ear vents.

Full faced motorcycle helmets, or helmets with a face screen, are considered the most desirable for riding a scooter. They prevent dust and other large particles from blocking your vision or causing damage to your eye.

Find helmets in all sort of colors like: black, wine or cherry red, gray, silver and white. Brand names to look for are: Arai, Shoei, Suomy, HJC, M2R, Gmax, Tour Master & Noland.

Remember to be aware of Motorcycle Helmet Laws in your area.

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