Are you tired of traffic jams - Mopeds can get you there faster!


Mopeds, scooters, motorcyles and electric bikes have the edge on cars as they provide a feeling of freedom, open air, and independence. Cheap gas powered scooters are closely related to the moped. Look at all the moped models before you buy, in order to determine which one you like best.

Unlike riding in a car, driving a moped offers the perfect ride on a spring or summer day. Mopeds allow you to take in all of the sights & sounds around you. Because motorcycles and bikes are larger than mopeds and cheap gas powered scooters, they can limit your movement.

Moped parts, both used and discount parts, are easy to find online. Most merchants carry a hot list of brand name moped parts to choose from. Check out our buyer's guide to find merchants who carry moped parts and have the part you need delivered right to your door!

You are sure to find that purchasing a moped is well worth the investment, since driving a moped is both fast and economical.

Top Perks

Moped drivers love the freedom of their bike. Here are just a few of the perks of owning and driving a moped:

  • Save on fuel
  • Low purchase price
  • Avoid parking problems
  • Avoid traffic jams

The most common perk that moped owners rave about is the feeling of freedom and independence while driving.

History of the Moped

The cool, sophisticated moped emerged from Europe and Asia, to dominate American markets as one of the most popular transportation vehicles of all time.

The moped emerged through the progression of technology, building on expanding ideas. In Europe during the 1870ís, bicycles were the most practical choice for transportation. They quickly evolved to include a motor.

The first moped was really just a bicycle with a motor.

Around 1901, mopeds became a common theme all over Europe as more and more manufacturers began to produce and market them. Many people enjoyed the moped boom, as the moped projected a sense of freedom and rebellion amongst the younger generation.

The moped industry had to struggle through both World Wars and The Depression era, to reach the height of its popularity today. Cinema and the trends of the sixties have helped to make the moped a cultural landmark and earn a role in the history of popular culture.

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