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Gas Powered

Cheap gas scooters come with many accessories and parts, which need to be considered before you purchase. A gas powered scooter features an engine and cooling system which requires your review when looking at a gas scooter sale.

The performance of a cheap gas scooter will depend on the weight, size and type of the gas powered scooter. Based on its size and weight, the average top speed of a gas scooter can vary, even if two gas powered scooters have the same engine.

If you are interested in racing a gas scooter, you may need a few new accessories. You can find parts for used cheap gas scooters through the manufacturer or from reputable online sources, often at a super discounted price.

Review the following information for ideas and tips on cheap gas scooters.

Price & Warranty

A warranty often contains important information about the quality of the scooter. You want to find a manufacturer who is confident in the abilities of their scooter.

Lower-end scooters come with a 3 month warranty, while a medium to high quality scooter will come with a 6 month or longer warranty.

The price of a scooter is based on the MSRP, or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This covers the production fees plus profit.

The dealer will take the MSRP into account before adding retail, shipping, handling and commission fees, which add up to the final purchase price. Keep in mind that sales tax is not included in the purchase price, but added on at the time of sale, so remember to plan for this extra cost as well.

Auctions and dealing with wholesalers are a great way to get a cheap price on a top-of-the-line scooter.


The most sought after feature on a gas scooter is a two-stroke engine. This type of engine costs less to buy than a four-stroke engine, and it won’t compromise your speed.

Awesome two-stroke engine features:

  • Good gas mileage
  • Durable
  • Smooth
  • Great acceleration

Most small 49cc scooters have an air-cooled engine. Liquid-cooled engines are generally better, but are found on bigger 250cc bikes.

The weight of a bike is also important to consider and can often save your life. Light scooters are easier to control and perfect for a one-seat ride, while a heavier bike takes more driving skill and strength to control.

The displacement on a bike will tell you how large the engine cylinder is. The larger the cylinder, the bigger the engine, the higher the speed.

All bikes have a different ‘average top speed’, because engine size is not the only factor in speed.

More factors that influence speed include:

  • Type of transmission
  • Bike weight
  • Weight of passengers


Gas scooters have extra specifications which may also be of interest. These include spark plugs, lubricant, fuel & tank capacity, starting & drive methods, cooling system & carburetor, maximum inclination, compression ratio, Bore X Stroke (mm), cylinder arrangement, Champion or NGK, and sparking method.

Top extras:

  • Max power
  • Max torque
  • Acceleration
  • Max speed
  • Idle speed

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