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Parts & Accessories

Many scooters and cheap minibikes will eventually need parts replaced. If you are looking for custom or powered parts, the best place to look is online or through your scooter manufacturer.

Scooter gas can be conserved if you understand and maintain your gas scooter parts. It's important to understand and know about the body, safety, and replacement parts of a cheap minibike.

A wholesale manufacturer usually carries cheap used gas scooter parts. If they don't have what you're looking for then your best bet is to look for used parts from cheap minibikes.

Optimize your scooter gas and keep your scooter running at its best performance by seasonally replacing worn out gas scooter parts. The fastest minibikes, are those that are regularly maintained and well cared for.

Scooter Parts

A scooter will, at some point, need new parts. Scooter parts can be bought new or old, depending on the importance and expense of the item needing to be replaced.

Let’s break down a scooter into all its parts, to see which ones are essential and which are extras.

Essential Body Parts

The body of a scooter is said to encompass these parts: front and rear tube, front rim, electric motor, gas engine, gas tanks, ignition, front fork, chain sprockets, central axle with sprocket, moped hub & hub axle.


Extra parts for scooters include, baskets, tail trunk, handle bar grips, shoes, shop & service manual, and an extra battery charger.

Important Features

When you're purchasing a used scooter, always check the following parts to see if they’re up and running. Check the fuel gages, voltmeter, speedometer, switches, pull start t-handle, kick start, arm lever, brake lever, wheel pullups, and the shock absorbers.

Legal driving

To make your scooter safe on the road, make sure the following scooter parts are working properly:

  • Turn signals
  • Headlamps
  • Brake lights
  • Brake rotors
  • Chains

Keep in mind that it is illegal to drive without these parts functioning properly.


These parts are recommended for added safety: helmets, good tires & tubes, new brake pads and bearings, a sealed gas cap, new drive belts. For added security make sure you have locks, alarms, or a brake cam.

Seasonal Replacement

You will find that occasionally the front & rear tires, sprockets, airless pnumatic tires, throttle, brake assembly, calipers, cable, brake piston, light bulbs and batteries will need to be replaced or repaired.

Scooter Accessories

Jazz up your motor scooter with some cool accessories in flashy colors like blue, red, or black.

Handle bar grips are great for cushioning your hands on rough rides and provide some insulation from the cold metal bars. Grips are made of tear resistant materials and help to keep your hands from slipping during your ride.

If you want an accessory that can add some fun and excitement to your ride, try adding a wheelie bar. For older and more experienced riders, a wheelie bar is great for doing tricks and spins. Made with aluminum materials, this extra is guaranteed to last a long time.

Scooter accessories are more than just fun, sometimes they can help prevent an injury. A shock absorbent, adjustable seat is important for maximum comfort and good support for your spine and tailbone.

Scooter Models

Can you picture yourself cruising down the street on a cherry red, high-tech scooter? Maybe you'll find your dream scooter in jet black or royal blue.

Remember to look at the most important components of a scooter before you buy:

  • Power source
  • Headlights
  • Braking system
  • Throttle type
  • Batteries

Looking at the power source of your scooter model will help you to determine how fast your scooter can go, how many miles it can cover, and what kind of maintenance and fees you will need to tend too.

Most models come with basic features such as quality tires, turn signals, a tool kit, trunk and a horn. If you're looking for a particular make or model, the manufacturer should be able to provide answers to all of your important questions.


When purchasing a scooter or accessories, consider the warranty. A good warranty should offer at least 30 days of coverage on the scooter parts and accessories.

Look for a 6 month warranty on batteries, to protect yourself against faulty and dead batteries.

Most warranties will cover defects, defaults and engineering mistakes, but if you should happen to break a part yourself, you’ll likely have to bear the cost of replacing it. Look in our buyer's guide for more great ideas on scooters and accessories.

Go to our buyer's guide to find a merchant who carries replacement parts for your gas scooter or cheap minibikes.

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