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Folding Scooter

Here we will discuss the folding scooter. Folding Scooters are really like folding bicycles. Unless you are talking about the stand-up kind of folding scooter.

Always remember to wear a helmet when riding a scooter.

Countries of Origin

You should know that the country in which your scooter was made, can have a lot to do with its quality.

Cutting costs in the manufacturing of a product can have an effect on quality. Quality of scooter vs. Country of origin:

  • China – inexpensive/unreliable
  • India – good bargain/average performance
  • Mexico – overpriced/good performance
  • Italy –high cost/high performance


The size of the scooter transmission is determined by the number of gears. A single-speed transmission is only capable of running up to 30 mph.

Most scooter transmissions are automatic, however, a small ratio are manual.

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), offers silent shifting, and gives the best performance available today.

Large tires increase the stability of the ride, while smaller ones help in accelerating with control.

More tire benefits include:

  • Gain top speed
  • Comfortable ride

Aluminum rims may be prone to rust or paint chipping but are considered superior to the cheaper steel rim.

A basic gas motorized scooter will have drum brakes, while a superior model will offer disc brakes. Drum and disc brakes do work well when combined, using the drum brakes in the rear & the disc brakes up front.

Travel Speed

Motorized scooters have a travel speed ranging from 10 mph up to 80 mph.

When a scooter is light-weight and has an active cooling system it will perform well at top speed.

Learn as much as you can about motorized scooters before you buy. Doing some research ahead of time will help you find the best deal and keep you informed about safety.

You can find the cheapest package deal on scooters & parts by reviewing the motor scooter dealers in your area. Remember that prices will vary according to the make & design of the scooter.

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