Don't sweat it - Electric bikes do all the work for you!

Electric Bicycles

If you enjoy fresh air, but don't like puffing uphill on a bike, then you'll love the freedom found in riding on an electric bike. Electric bikes do all the work for you!

Electric bicycles are pretty much the same as motorized bikes, but an electrical bike is run by battery power. Motorized electric bikes are the perfect mode of transportation on a beautiful day.

Running errands around town is cheaper and faster on an electrical bicycle than in a car. An electric bike is easier to maneuver through traffic and parking is a breeze.

Find free information and the best deals on electric bicycles online. Take a look at all the fun that riding an electrical or motor bike will bring into your life.

Electric Bicycles

Electrical bikes are a cheap and reliable way to get around town. They get you where you want to go faster than regular bikes, thanks to their battery powered motor.

The electric motor of a bike, is turned on using a switch on your handlebars. Having a motor on your bike enables you to power along without exhausting yourself by using the pedals.

If you do choose to pedal along, your electrically powered bike will gain more power and go further even faster. Here are the best features of owning an electrical bike:

  • Easy to ride
  • Speeds up to 15 MPH
  • Distance of 10 Miles per charge
  • Average bike weighs 100 pounds

Electrically powered bikes are designed just the same as regular bikes. You will find the brake functions and gears on the handlebars.

Battery-powered electrical engines shorten your transportation time significantly. Practical and cost-effective, the electric bike is a great ride on a beautiful day, and makes getting to and from work and school more enjoyable.


Do you like the freedom of riding through the streets with no restraints? People are discovering the many perks of owning an electrical bicycle.

Keep in mind, when you ride an electrical bike, you are also helping the environment by reducing air and noise pollution.

Get fit and go where you need to, all with the great benefits of an electrical bike:

  • Save Money
  • Save Energy
  • Save Time

There is nothing quite like riding a bicycle and being able to enjoy the sights & sounds around you. With a battery powered engine on your bike, you can easily face the challenges of riding up hills and against strong winds.

Consider buying an electrical bike if you are unable to drive a car to get your chores done. Owning an electrically powered bike gives you access to easy parking, shortcuts and more.


Electrically powered bicycles are produced in two different designs, and in a multitude of colors and extras.

An adaptive design is created for multi-purpose riding, and adaptive bikes are built with a basic structure. Adaptive bicycles feature a strong engine system, and a do-it-yourself kit, which requires some home installation on your part.

Although an adaptive design looks plain, it offers some great benefits. This electric bicycle is cheaper, yet built just as strong as the more stylish versions.

The second design of an electrical bicycle is referred to as a purpose build. This is generally more attractive looking, and features perks like brake-activated tail lights, and fast acceleration.

Whatever design you choose, you will still enjoy all the great features of electrical power.

Electrical Bike Kits

With some versions of electric bikes, like the basic designs, you may have to do some installation at home.

Electrical bike kits are simple and supply the essential parts, including a battery charger. Extras like baskets and racks are purchased separately.

You will find easy to install parts and the following items in your kit:

  • Flat blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Wrench

These electrical bike kit items will help you to install your electric motor, trim wires, and charge the batteries, so you can be on the road in just a few short hours.

Rechargeable batteries are very important to keep on hand when you're riding an electrically powered bike. Look for sealed lead-acid batteries, which you can charge through any common 110 VAC wall outlet.


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