Cobra Scooters

What’s so special about Cobra scooters?

• Cobra is the best 2 stroke motorized scooter in the world. It has a unique box chassis construction (most others are just a bent pipe frame with a board on top).

• The amazing 40cc E-TON engine has tons of low down torque, making hill climbing easy. Most others go for a high revving fast speed engine, which has little torque and wears out quickly.

• The centrifugal clutch means you don't have to worry about changing gears, it's automatic. The gearbox it's mounted with, will give years of trouble free life.

• The finish is what you'd expect of a high class product. Chrome plated stems and handle bars with a high gloss painted chassis.


Cobra is electronically speed limited to just 26 kms per hour, so it's street legal. Just put on your helmet, and you can go anywhere a pushbike can go, and more! Just make sure you are legal on the roads and bike paths in your State. Naturally, on private property you can do what you like.


Just start the amazing E-TON engine with a pull of the cord, sit on the comfy saddle, open the throttle, steer and go. That's it!


Incredible auto speed control via the hand throttle. The more you turn it the faster you can go. Centrifugal clutch, no gears, no worries.


About 3 cents per kilometre! A full tank (1.5 Ltrs) will cover around 40 kms. Talk about motoring on the smell of an oily rag! It's the cheapest form of powered transport there is, and of course you can have an extra fuel bottle fitted with a special carrier, for those extra long trips or just to prevent that awkward fuel run out.


Because you are sitting down, you have a low centre of gravity. If you hit a bump, you just sail right over it, and the independent rear suspension protects you from jarring.

The wheels are 10 (250mm) pneumatic tyred on the front and 9 pneumatics on the rear. Most others have small and sometimes solid wheels, which can create a hazardous and bumpy ride.

The fuel tank is tucked away out of site, enclosed in the box chassis - not hanging off the side of the engine, where it could be punctured in an accident or tampered with.

The handlebars and seat are fully adjustable, so you ride comfortably and safely. Why should you be dictated to with non-adjustable handlebars and no seat like some others?

Handle bar brakes for both front and back wheels, are fitted for your peace of mind. Not just one but two brakes & feels good and won't let you down.

Non-slip foot pads keep your feet from slipping off - and they protect the paintwork.

An instantaneous & kill& button. Once pressed, the engine shuts down for complete safety.

The speed is electronically limited for your safety, and to keep you road legal.

Apart from the free rear reflector and mudguard, optional accessories include indicator lights, mirrors, horns, and helmets. Everything you need to be safe.

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