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Aprilia Scooters Announces Release Of Newest Machine

The ATLANTIC 125-200 is Aprilia's new proposal in the comfort scooter class. Original, standing out for its dynamic and elegant design and ultra-high standard technology, the ATLANTIC 125-200 is Aprilia's answer to those looking for a comfortable, safe and fast vehicle, able to move nimbly through traffic with unmistakable style.

The two capacity versions enable all requirements to be satisfied. Fast and nippy, the ATLANTIC 200 scooter is a benchmark in its class for performance, comfort and handling. The 125 cc version is no less high technology, designed and produced to offer maximum riding pleasure to those with a B licence only.

A valid alternative to the maxi-scooter, the ATLANTIC 125-200 offers exceptional handling characteristics and high level performance, guaranteed by two different high technology engines. In particular the performance of the 200 cc engine is in every way comparable with that of a 250 cc maxi scooter and the comfort of the Atlantic is also comparable with a maxi scooter, while being lighter and easier to handle.

Thanks to its rational design and the particular care taken over use of space, the ATLANTIC 125-200 offers all the advantages of a modern maxi scooter. In addition, the price is extremely competitive, even compared with much smaller scooters, making it the scooter with the best price/comfort ratio.

Abundant space for both rider and passenger, a high level of aerodynamic protection, considerable carrying capacity, ergonomics and active and passive safety. Everything on the ATLANTIC 125-200 scooter has been created and produced to offer a high degree of comfort, while maintaining the traditional simplicity, immediacy of use and unmistakable style of every Aprilia product.

Like its inspiration, the Atlantic 500, the ATLANTIC 125-200 also makes style one of its strong points. The family feeling with the prestigious "big brother" does not stop at the look, but also covers the rich standard equipment. It's impossible to confuse it with other scooters - its elegant and sophisticated look certainly doesn't go unobserved. The aggressive double front lighting assembly gives the ATLANTIC 125-200 the sporty look and personality typical of all Aprilia products.

But the ATLANTIC 125-200 sets out to be not just an attractive scooter, but above all practical to use. Every detail has been designed to satisfy the principles of maximum functionality. So getting about with the Aprilia ATLANTIC 125-200 means standing out in city traffic, riding a practical but exclusive vehicle, with rich standard equipment and generous performance.

The large saddle has an ergonomic configuration with back support to provide not just great comfort, but also extreme ease of use and immediate feel. On the ATLANTIC 125-200, Aprilia has also studied the configuration of the foot rest, tapering it where the rider's legs pass and thus enabling him to rest his feet firmly on the ground at all times. The generously sized front fairing and raised windshield provide first class protection against air and bad weather. The large luggage rack incorporates the passenger handles and enables a top box to be mounted easily without additional plates or luggage racks.

Carrying capacity is an essential element in choosing this type of scooter. This is at top level on the ATLANTIC 125-200, thanks to the spacious lit under-saddle compartment large enough to accommodate a full-face and jet helmet and with a handy socket for recharging the mobile phone.

Behind the front fairing is a closed and lockable glove compartment. The roomy under-saddle compartment can be supplemented by a 45 litre rear top box (optional), easy to fit using the standard luggage rack. The luggage rack can also be replaced by a practical backrest for the passenger.

The mechanics of the Atlantic 125-200 exploit the experience gained with the Atlantic 500 for great riding pleasure. The frame is made from high tensile tubular steel with a superimposed double closed cradle designed for great torsional rigidity and strength. A rigid and efficient frame gives the ATLANTIC 125-200 flawless stability, worthy of a much higher capacity vehicle.

The hydraulic telescopic fork with 35 mm diameter sleeves guarantees enjoyable riding precision and excellent absorption of bumps thanks to the 105 mm travel.

The engine-transmission assembly also acts as a swinging fork swingarm and moves a double chamber shock absorber. Pre-load can be adjusted by rotating a convenient handle, enabling maximum efficiency to be obtained from the suspension whatever the load or road surface. The remarkable travel (105 mm) provides an excellent filter for bumps in the asphalt.

The ATLANTIC 125-200 has 13 inch wheels fitted with large tubeless tyres (110/90 at the front and 130/60 at the rear). This, together with the frame, makes the vehicle extremely stable and an intuitive ride, within reach of everyone. The ATLANTIC 125-200 is absolutely effortless to ride. The large cross section of the tyres also makes a valid contribution to the suspension in absorbing bumps and guaranteeing maximum braking safety.

And braking is in fact one of the strong points of the ATLANTIC 125-200. Thanks to use of an integral braking system, braking is always powerful, safe and manageable on all types of road surface. The ATLANTIC 125-200 uses two large diameter disks - at the front, 240 mm with floating callipers and three parallel pistons, at the rear, 190 mm. The principle of integral braking is simple. When you use the left lever (controlling the rear brake), both the rear disk and one of the three pistons on the front calliper are actioned. A delaying device optimises distribution of the braking between the front and rear so as to maximise the braking effect and improve management even by non-experts. This system considerably reduces braking distance and communicates a much greater sensation of safety and control than with a traditional braking system.

Technology is another very important plus of the ATLANTIC 125-200. Its modern, powerful and environmentally friendly engines make riding the scooter fun, safe and at the same time comfortable.

The 200 cc engine offers a full 21 hp, power more or less in line with 250 cc engines. Performance is brilliant, both in acceleration and maximum speed, making the ATLANTIC 200 noteworthy not just for city commuting but also for out-of-town trips.

The 125 cc engine is within the limits for riding with a B licence only. With its 15 hp, the ATLANTIC 125 can get about rapidly in traffic and also travel at a more than satisfactory speed.

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