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New licensee for Schwinn electric scooter classic parts

Pacific Cycle, LLC announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Maple Island Sales, LLC of Lamar, MO.

Under the new agreement, Pacific Cycle has licensed the rights to manufacture and distribute Classic Schwinn bicycle parts for such icon bikes as the Sting-Ray, Phantom and other Classic Schwinn models. Parts for which rights have been assigned include fenders, handlebars, chainguards, forks, pedals, hubs, tires, reflectors, saddles, tanks and other Classic parts and components. The parts will be available early in 2003 and offered for sale through independent bicycle dealers.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to reproduce Classic Schwinn parts,” said Chad Kellenberger, CEO of Maple Island Sales, LLC. “Schwinn’s rich 107-year history of quality bike parts nicely compliments our existing business of supplying parts to the classic bike collectors. I’m very excited about getting these parts back into production.”

The agreement is in response to Pacific Cycle’s ongoing commitment to the independent bicycle dealers and their need for Schwinn Classic parts.

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