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White announces winners at 51st annual auto show and includes a Cushman scooters as a winner

A 1954 Hudson owned by Chris E. Davis of Charleston won the top award at the 51st annual Secretary of State’s Auto Show Sept. 9 at the State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

Secretary of State Jesse White said Davis received the State of Illinois Grand Champion award for having the best overall vehicle at the show.

“This year’s show featured many high quality vehicles that made judging for top awards difficult,” White said. “It was a great event for everyone.”

A 1966 Corvair owned by Roselee Bauer of House Springs, MO, received the special Marquis award as the best Corvair in the show. The Marquis award honors a different automobile manufacturer each year.

White said 221 antique vehicles, sports cars and motorcycles were entered in this year’s show. First place winners in 43 classifications received “State Champion in Class” awards, and second and third place winners also received awards.


Model T Fords (all models and years - 1909 through 1927): 1st, Robert Anderson, Lincoln, 1926 Ford; no second; no third.

Model A Fords (open - 1928 through 1931): 1st , Lucy Schaefer, Millstadt, 1930 Ford Roadster; 2nd, Richard H. Spain, Decatur, 1930 Ford Cabriolet; no third.

Model A Fords (closed - 1928 through 1931): 1st , Steven R. Morris, Springfield, 1931 Ford 2-door; 2nd, Leroy Schaefer, Millstadt, 1930 Ford Sport Coupe; 3rd, Evan and Devin Willis, West Frankfort, 1930 Ford 2-door.

Classics (all body styles - 1925 through 1949): 1st, Ardelle E. Miller, Sr., Belleville, 1932 Marmon; 2nd, Jim Egelhoff, Walshville, 1941 Packard 4-door; no third.

Trucks, Hacks, Commercial Vehicles and Fire Trucks (through 1946): 1st, Bob and Judy Schaltenbrand, Nashville, 1928 Ford Pickup; 2nd, Richard G. Stewart, Crete, 1937 Studebaker Pickup, 3rd, Scott Linders, Sparta, 1933 Ford Pickup.

Trucks, Hacks, Commercial Vehicles and Fire Trucks (1947 through 1985): 1st, Albert Kircher, Elmhurst, 1955 Chevrolet Pickup; 2nd, Roger W. Lamm, Galesburg, 1947 Packard 4-door Taxi; 3rd, Lee and Karen Boner, Goreville, 1979 Ford.

Automobile (1926 through 1932): 1st, Joe Hayward, St. Anne, 1929 Chevrolet; 2nd, James C. Griffin, Havana, 1929 Nash Coupe; 3rd, Charles King, Auburn, 1931 Buick Coupe.

Automobile (1933 through 1939): 1st, Chris E. Davis, Charleston, 1937 Hudson Coupe; 2nd, Richard C. Kramer, Decatur, 1936 Ford Convertible; 3rd, Jeff Riley, Columbia, 1936 Ford 4-door.

Automobile (1940 through 1948): 1st, Jerry Luppen, Rock Island, 1942 Ford Coupe; 2nd, William R. Hownerton, Lincoln, 1948 Dodge Coupe; 3rd, C. Earl Johnson, Knoxville, 1948 Ford Coupe.

Automobile (1949 through 1952): no first; 2nd, Tom Rock, Lincoln, 1949 Dodge 4-door; no third.

Automobile (1953 through 1954): 1st, Chris E. Davis, Charleston, 1954 Hudson Convertible; 2nd, Shirley Rawlings, Peoria, 1954 Chevrolet; 3rd, Warren Watts, Decatur, 1953 Ford 2-door.

Automobile (1955 through 1956): 1st , Gerald Charter, Bonfield, 1955 Ford 2-door; 2nd, Roger Kinder, Newton, 1956 Pontiac 2-door; 3rd, Eugene Siuda, Arlington Heights, 1956 Chevrolet 2-door.

Automobile (1957 through 1958): 1st, Richard Kestner, Glen Carbon, 1957 Chevrolet 2-door; 2nd (TIE), Charles R. Dueker, Louisville, 1957 Chevrolet Convertible, and Chris Renner, Roscoe, 1957 Nash 2-door; 3rd, Willis BRyant, Silvis, 1958 Edsel.

Automobile (1959 through 1960): 1st, George Baughman, Lewistown, 1959 Cadillac 4-door; 2nd (TIE), Larry and Cindy Turner, Peoria, 1960 Edsel 4-door, and Don Spirey, Belleville, 1959 Edsel; 3rd, Lauren A. Coe, Springfield, 1959 Chevrolet 4-door.

Corvairs (closed - 1960 through 1964): 1st, Bill Pierson, Murphysboro, 1962 Chevrolet 2-door; 2nd (TIE), Jim Lanwermeyer, St. Charles, MO, 1963 Corvair 2-door, and Earl F. Vogel, Marble Hill, MO, 1961 Corvair Rampside; 3rd, Louis Zanon, Barrington, 1963 Corvair 2-door.

Corvairs (convertibles - 1965 through 1969); 1st, Roselee Bauer, House Springs, MO, 1966 Corvair; 2nd, Louis R. Hunt, Carmel, IN, 1967 Corvair; 3rd, Richard E. Shank, Elkhart, IN, 1965 Corvair.

Corvairs (closed - 1965 through 1969): 1st, Robert Pohlman, Sr., Elgin, 1966 Corvair 2-door; 2nd, Robert Landers, Edwardsville, 1967 Corvair 2-door; 3rd, Robert Landers, Edwardsville, 1965 Corvair.

Mustangs and Shelbys (closed - 1964 1/2 through 1966): 1st, Bill Krieger, Elk Grove, 1965 Mustang Fastback; 2nd, Joseph Lenac, Sr., East Peoria, 1966 Mustang Coupe; no third.

Mustangs (convertibles - 1964 1/2 through1966): 1st, Buford Webb, Tower Hill, 1964 1/2 Mustang; 2nd, Jim and Ellen Tremain, Springfield, 1964 1/2 Mustang; 3rd, Mary Ann Hoffman, East St. Louis, 1966 Mustang.

Mustangs and Shelbys (all body styles - 1967 through 1968): 1st, Jim Holman, Springfield, 1968 Mustang Coupe; 2nd, Harold Klickman, Springfield, 1967 Mustang Coupe; 3rd, Mal Juergens, Troy, 1968 Mustang Convertible.

Mustangs and Shelbys (all body styles - 1969 through 1970): 1st, Scott Fleming, Roscoe, 1969 Shelby; 2nd, Norman R. Hoffman, East St. Louis, 1970 Mustang Fastback; 3rd, Mitchell A. Nigro, Aurora, 1970 Mustang 2-door.

Mustangs and Shelbys (all body styles - 1971 through 1973): 1st, Kristin Ricker, Rockford, 1972 Mustang 2-door; 2nd, Tony Paulek, Springfield, 1973 Mustang; no third.

Camaros and Firebirds (1967 through 1985): 1st, Mick Price, Atwood, 1969 Camaro; 2nd, Dale Zurkammer, Beason, 1967 Camaro Convertible; 3rd, Stevie Niemryer, Rockton, 1970 Firebird 2-door.

Sports Cars (through 1960): 1st, Gene Marburger, Mt. Olive, 1954 Kaiser Darrin; 2nd, David Pelham, Springfield, 1960 Triumph; no third.

Sports Cars (1961 through 1970): 1st, Thomas Coady, Paxton, 1963 Maserati; 2nd, A.J. Sutton, Barrington, 1967 Saab Coupe; no third.

Sports Cars (1971 to present): 1st, Dale and Barb Mast, Decatur, 1980 MGB Roadster; 2nd, Robert Raab, Belleville, 1989 Corvette Convertible; 3rd, Jerold K. Anna, Belleville, 1978 Porsche.

Thunderbirds (1955 through 1966): 1st, John and Elaine Hoose, Blue Mound, 1957 Thunderbird; 2nd, Terry Fletcher, Jacksonville, 1960 Thunderbird; 3rd, Ron Robinson, Athens, 1958 Thunderbird.

Corvettes (1953 through 1967): 1st, Fred and Carol Gronemeier, East Alton, 1960 Corvette Convertible; 2nd, Lawrence Savage, Jr., Clinton, 1967 Corvette Coupe; 3rd, Gene Bennenga, New Berlin, 1963 Corvette 2-door.

Corvettes (1969 through 1982): 1st, Bruce R. Holman, Brighton, 1972 Corvette Coupe; 2nd, Carol Miller, Peoria, 1977 Corvette; no third.

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