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Rotary Club of Richmond and Richmond Goodwill kick-off new community partnership by donating Rascal scooters

The Rotary Club of Richmond is pleased to announce a new partnership with Richmond Goodwill Industries, and other community agencies, that will connect medical and adaptive equipment and supplies with the people who need it. A kick-off event for RotaDapt was held during the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Richmond, at the Willow Oaks Country Club on August 5, and included the project’s first presentation.

JoAnn Jett, a resident at the Winthrop Hall Residence in Richmond, was the recipient of a Rascal® mobility scooter, one of many items donated to Goodwill by the local community. “This type of program is so appropriate for someone like JoAnn,” says Grayce Callahan, Executive Administrator for the residence. JoAnn, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, was not able to secure the type of equipment through Medicare that she needed to improve her quality of life.

RotaDapt is primarily targeted at recruiting additional community-based organizations, local businesses and healthcare professionals to become involved with the professionally staffed loan program, operated at Goodwill’s main facility at 6301 Midlothian Turnpike.

“By pooling the resources together as a community, we can tackle the issues faced by persons with obstacles,” says Charles Layman, President & CEO for Richmond Goodwill Industries. “We have started to develop strategies for enabling organizations to work together to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the appropriate services and resources that will increase and improve their functional capabilities.”

To request medical or adaptive equipment or supplies, or to make a referral, individuals can call the program’s equipment and customer service specialist, or administrative specialist. The application process for items includes submission of an approved prescription by a doctor or other medical professional.

In addition to the direct services provided through RotaDapt, Richmond Goodwill’s Job Center can assist in developing employment opportunities for those who use the program. Services include job development, employment preparation, placement services, and support in locating, obtaining and maintaining employment.

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