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I've got some good news and some bad news about the e scooter!

First the good news: You do have another good choice for a properly finished production version of a true purpose-built electric scooter. Lepton-E, formerly an Atala product now manufactured and sold by Oxygen S.p.A. of Padova, Italy is available and for sale.

We (Evercel) supply batteries for this scooter and have one here in the USA for demonstration and test. It is smooth and comfortable for me at 6'1" and I have plenty of room. It has attractive retro Italian styling and is well finished. The Nickel-Zinc battery increases the initial purchase cost a bit, but pays for itself in total lifetime and comes with a mileage warrantee. We rode these scooters on the island of Capri in southern Italy for an entire afternoon up and down the mountains without any problems. It handles brilliantly at any speed from 1 to 50kph. The range with a single charge is about 45-50km in normal driving but can be longer or shorter depending on your riding style. It has the ability to be fast charged so you can gain 60-80% of the range back in 30 minutes. I don't have the retail price but you can get more information by contacting Dott. Duglio and his team (which I have copied on this email) for "a dealer near you". I doubt there are any in UK yet but they are working on it.

Now the bad news: Electric vehicles today are not capable of matching the power and weight of petrol power. Gasoline is very energetic. BUT,As far as cost goes, you can be sure that at $4 per gallon you will get a return on your investment (the difference between gas and electric) within 1-2 years including the cost of electricity. The key, and a strength of our battery technology, is to make sure you buy something that will be around and functioning after your payback period begins. Nickel-Zinc batteries have independent verification from the Taiwan government that we deliver 3-4 times the best lead acid total range (accumulated). I can't speak to your garage woes.

As far as others on the market, too many of them are selling to niave buyers at a low price point using the cheap lead-acid batteries that do not hold up under real use conditions. It hurts our budding industry to have so many poor lifetime scooters out there. That's why Oxygen is the leader in Italy and soon Europe for electric vehicles.

Taiwan is developing alot of new electric scooters, but none are yet in Europe.

For more information, see electric motorcycle.

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