Currie Electric Scooter

Currie Technologies Australia introduces the Currie electric scooter

Introducing the worlds leading line of electric scooters! The word's first line of purpose-built electric personal transportation scooters. Each model has been designed and built with special features for specific users.

The Flyer, Currie's entry level electric scooter, that delivers more value and performance that even the awarded Phat Flyer SE.

The Tsunami was designed with the serious heavy-duty electric scooter user in mind. It has twice the range, a heavy duty frame and ultra durable components. The Tsunami is the perfect choice for scooter commuters, RVer's and rentals.

The Lightning SS F-18 Swingarm is the ultimate power users electric scooter. With an all new dual suspension frame and fork and Currie's new super torque motor, the F-18 Swingarm is the perfect electric scooter for the user who demands the ultimate in ride anywhere comfort, do anything power, and maximum performance.

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