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New Honda scooter announced to the market

Honda has many models in the 125cc learner market, representing a full range of riding styles: from basic commuters to sport bikes, cruisers and dual-purpose machines.

Honda's research and development teams noted a distinct interest in a new on-road model with more of a 'dual sport' orientation that offers the extra riding comfort and wind protection of a large front cowl or fairing.

Based on this research, it was felt that the 125cc class could use a new addition that combines many of the most attractive attributes of Honda's road bikes and larger 'Rally Touring' models. One that delivers a satisfying surge of performance in a larger package that offers more in the way of space and long-lasting comfort.

Therefore, in a bold step to further expand the range, Honda now proudly introduces a bright new addition to its line-up of 'Adventure Sports' machines. Powered by a rugged and reliable 4-stroke V-twin engine, the new Varadero 125 features exciting styling, larger, more comfortable proportions than commonly seen in the 125cc class, and a thoroughly enjoyable riding experience. The new flagship model of Honda's diverse 125cc line-up.

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