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After successful trials the launch of the new free web service for electric scooters UK based motorcycle and scooter buyers

After 12 months of successful trials August 2003 sees the launch of the new free web service for UK based Motorcycle and Scooter buyers. www.whatyougot.com gives users a totally unique way to search for New, Used & Classic Bikes & Scooters. The service is simplicity itself, anyone searching for a Bike or Scooter can now contact a large number of bike and scooter outlets immediately by completing one simple on line form, a process which takes less than 2 minutes.

Steve Manley one of the bikers behind the idea for the site says, \"Whatyougot is, in essence a service that reverses the usual customer to bike shop contact. Normally the customer reads through the classifieds, finds what they want and then calls the shop. When using Whatyougot the customer tells us what they are looking for, where they are willing to travel to and how much they want to spend; we then send that information to our registered bike and scooter shops. If anyone has what they are looking for they contact the customer direct. Even if a dealer has not got what a customer wants he has a record that they are looking for, if something comes into his shop a week or two later he can call or e-mail the customer to let them know".

The Whatyougot service has been developed, and the web site built, by people who ride bikes, which means that they have a good understanding of what the motorcycle or scooter buyer needs from the service. Searching for the right machine is always difficult; whatyougot simply sets out to make the buyers life that little bit easier.

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