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Motorists declare war on Blair and encourage use of very cheap electric scooters

Motorists will declare war and vote in their millions against Tony Blair's motoring "Toll Tax" announced in the Queen's Speech, predicts Democratic Party transport spokesman Philip Snow.

"Motorists know that they are already taxed to the hilt," said Mr Snow, "and this Transport Bill is the last straw. Motorists will now declare war on New Labour and vote for parties that support and respect the motorist. The motorist with his personal mobility is the cornerstone of our thrusting economy today. Motorists refuse to be treated as pariahs and soaked for every last penny and more, as New Labour is now doing."

"The proposal for congestion charging will hit pensioners, the disabled, the less well-off and anyone who lives out of town. Yet motorists are already reducing congestion by using public transport, downsizing their cars, buying scooters and bikes, reducing unnecessary journies, changing their lifestyles, working from home and using the Internet where once they used their cars. Add this to the fact that the motorist pays over five times as much in tax as gets spent on roads and public transport and there is no case for more anti-motorist measures."

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