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Kids Take Part in Walk to School Week boosting electric scooters for sale in local shops

Children from five primary schools in the town will be 'scooting' and walking to school this week to mark Walk to School Week!

Pupils from Little Ridge, West St Leonards, Churchwood, Hollington and Sacred Heart are going to be walking to school to try and win the 'Golden Boot Award' - an award for the school with the most pupils walking to school!

But pupils will not just be walking - scooters are all the rage at the moment and on Tuesday (Oct 2nd), pupils at West St Leonards will be taking part in 'Scoot to School'! All the scooters will security postcoded by Sussex Police from 3.15pm onwards, before the children scoot home!

Little Ridge will be having their 'Scoot to School' day on Thursday(Oct 4th) and school children will also be able to have their scooters security postcoded by Sussex Police. On Tuesday(Oct 2nd), to mark International Walk to School Day, they will be attempting a 'school twinning' over the internet with a school from San Jose, California.

School children at West St Leonards will be joined by Buster the Walking Bus and by Leonard the Seagull on Tuesday (2nd October) from 3.15pm onwards

Councillor Paul Silverson, Cabinet Member responsible for Transport, said:

"I am really pleased that schools are taking part in the Walk to School week - and that children are being encouraged to 'scoot' to school, too.

"We are working hard to put together a Safer Routes to Schools programme to encourage children to walk and cycle to school. It is encouraging to see from our research and from the work that these schools are doing that using alternative methods to travel to school, can be a fun and healthy option for pupils."

Pupils at West St Leonards have been taking part in a very successful Walking Bus scheme since the Spring, and between them, they have totalled 364.5 miles in four months! The Walking Bus has run every Monday and Friday morning since March and operates with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers who lead a group of pupils along Bexhill Road and through Combe Haven Caravan Park, up Harley Shute Road and safely into school by 8.55am.

Hastings Borough Council has provided funding to enable further schools to set up their own Walking Bus as part of the Safer Routes to Schools initiative. If you would like to know more about how to start your own Walking Bus, information and support is available from Sarah Isnell, Transport Planner at Hastings Borough Council on 783322. More information is available on the Council's website: www.hastings.gov.uk.

This site will also be updated with pictures from the events and will also host the Californian pupils' work on twinning.

A DTLR survey released this week as part of Walk to School Week has shown that eight in ten teachers surveyed were in strongly in favour of Walk to School Week and 79% encourage their own children to walk to school.

-3/4 of teachers questioned think that the morning 'drop off' in front of the school gates is a majory cause for concern.

-87% of teachers questioned believe that walking to school gives children a chance to wake up fully before they reach the classroom.

-60% believe that walking to school enables children to settle down once they are in the classroom.

-90% believe that walking to school makes children more aware of their environment.

-93% believe that walking to school makes children more aware of road safety issues.

All children questioned felt that walking to school helps children stay fit and healthy.

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