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DP seals drive standards higher for electric scooter wholesalers

Having developed high-performance seals for the Jaguar Grand Prix car, DP Seals has now demonstrated its expertise at the opposite end of the speed spectrum - producing specialised components for an electronic drive controller used in mobility scooters, wheelchairs and floor cleaners.

The Egis controller is made by Christchurch-based Penny & Giles Drives Technology Ltd, and its combination of performance, environmental protection and assured safety has proved extremely successful both in Europe and the USA.

DP Seals has been involved with the product from an early stage, designing both the connector seal and the rubber gasket that ensure environmental integrity against salt, dust and water when the unit is assembled. The company's unrivalled ability with low hardness materials again proved of benefit, with the specially formulated nitrile rubber offering 30C shore and providing a much more effective solution to conventional plastic and expanded foam alternatives.

The Egis controller has been subjected to the stringent demands of the internationally recognised IP65 and IP67 standards - in which the seals have to demonstrate their ability to withstand low-pressure hose testing and complete immersion - and the unit has successfully met the requirements of the relevant ISO and TUV safety and EMC regulations as well.

DP Seals is currently working with Penny & Giles on other products and is continuing to develop advanced components for drives and controls through its on-going research and development programme.

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