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Electric motorized scooter Vs. motorcycle conundrum

Can a scooter, the geared kind, pose a viable alternative to a motorcycle? In practical, real world terms? Honda most definitely thinks so, pitching its Eterno scooter slam bang against entry level motorcycles, in answer to the hordes who always wanted a good scooter, couldn’t find one in the market migrated to motorcycles. We pitch HMSI’s Eterno against Hero Honda’s CD Dawn to zero in on the ideal Honda for the masses.

STYLE & BUILD: Eterno is sure to maintain Honda’s very high reputation for quality. In Fact I would go so far to state that the Eterno would go on to enhance her reputation for quality. Overall the Eterno is the better-built 2- wheeler, feel much better put together, & the fit & finish is also a notch above.

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: We need a clear winner here and without doubt Eterno’s 150 cc power plant scores above the 100 cc Dawn unit. It’s not just the obvious power & Torque advantage that the additional cubic capacity imparts, its down to the excellent refinement & power delivery characteristics that makes this power plant the bench mark here.

RIDE & HANDLING: Eterno employs a rigid tubular chassis frame to give it motorcycle like levels of rigidity & additionally the all important load carrying capacity.

Top speed honours are reversed though with the Eterno registering 85 kmph to the dawn’s 77.75 kmph. More importantly though the Eterno’s exceptional refinement ensures that one can maintain 80 kmph + speeds all day long without any fatigue creeping in.

The big surprise was during the brake tests with the Eterno turning in better retardation times. Never expected a scooter to out brake a motorcycle & specially not a motorcycle with one of the better brakes in the business. Eterno came to a halt in 2.62s, traversing 22.97m than the anchors were thrown in at 60 kmph, as opposed to the dawn that took 2.80 s traversing 24.28 m

FUEL EFFICIENCY: So here we are, at the most important criteria, the one that dominates the psyche of buyer in this segment. Eterno returned a best figure of 70 kmpl and worst figures of 56 kmpl.

PRACTICALITY: One area where the Eterno scores thumping victory is at the practicality stakes. For a geared scooter, the Eterno takes the Practicality theme to a new height boosting an under seat storage compartment that can take a full size lid in addition to a completely flat floor board (Other Scooters have a tunnel to give the monocoque rigidity) that can take anything from a gas cylinder, to the week’s shopping or even your little kid or pet poodle. Then there is the spare wheel to address the (rare) eventuality of a puncture & which also serves as a pillion back rest.

OVERALL: The time has come when a scooter can finally challenge the supremacy of a motorcycle in the entry-level segment. The majority are fence sitters who have no particular preference either for a scooter or a motorcycle and would plonk for the two- wheeler that best suits their needs. For such a buyer Eterno makes quite good sense, not only in terms of performance, safety & fuel efficiency but also in terms of practicality. On which Motorcycle can you carry your week’s shopping or your gas cylinder and offer a modicum of weather protection? In terms of out right utility the Eterno scores a home run.

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