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Electric scooter rentals make thousands 'ZAPPY' in Quebec

A rental concession for ZAPPY electric scooters is sparking interest with tourism in Montreal, renting to "thousands" of customers since it opened earlier this summer, according to ZAP Canada, a distributor for California electric vehicle maker ZAP (ZAPP - news).

"In the 12 weeks we were open during the summer months, our rental figures show we rented to over 14,000 people, and it is not over yet!" said Claude Rousseau of ZAP Canada.

The new rental outlet for ZAP Canada was established in May 2001 at the Old Port of Montreal, a redevelopment project on the bank of the St.-Lawrence river which has become one of the most-visited tourist centers in Quebec, with over 8 million visitors expected this year. Rousseau said that the ZAPPY rentals have become one of the most exciting attractions for the Old Port, which includes an I-Max Theatre, museums, river tours, and shopping.

"The ZAPPY rentals have become the best family activity in the Old Port," said Rousseau. "We are starting to see little 'herds' of ZAPPY riders roaming all over the place. With a ZAPPY, you are able to get to all the best vantage points that the Old Port has to offer, places you wouldn't necessarily go if you were walking. Electric scooters are a great way to go site-seeing because you can cover five times more ground, it's fun, it's safe and it's quiet.

"We knew that everyone would love the ZAPPY, we just needed a way to get lots of people to try it. With millions of visitors per year, the Old Port is an ideal area and as I speak we are investigating more opportunities for electric scooters rentals and sales in Canada."

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