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Don’t get carried away on scooter wheels!

Motorists who think they can park where they like in Nottingham are being warned not to get carried away.

The City Council is due to begin removing cars which are parked illegally and take them to a compound.

Offenders will have to pay £105 to have their car removed from the secure compound on Handel Street, Sneinton - on top of the £60 fine for parking illegally in the first place.

In October last year the City Council took over responsibility for the enforcement of parking restrictions across the city. A team of up to 50 parking attendants are now in charge of enforcing the on-street Pay and Display bays around the city and other parking restrictions such as yellow lines, disabled bays and loading bays.

Mostly patrolling on foot, some attendants cover wider areas on scooters or even by riding on buses to catch motorists who park in bus lanes in the act. The team has also recently started enforcing late at night to curb the thoughtless behaviour of some people who drive into the city for a night out and park their cars in restricted areas.

The latest development in the team's enforcing abilities is the removal vehicle and compound. Priorities for removals will be vehicles parked in:

• Bus lanes

•Streets where a loading prohibition is in force

•Main routes in and out of the city centre

Repeat offenders who have failed to pay a number of parking fines will also be targeted by the removal vehicle. As well as paying the fine and the release fee, storage fees will be charged where a vehicle is left unclaimed for more than one day.

Parking Services Manager at Nottingham City Council, Kevan Butt, said: "Parking your car in Nottingham needn't be a costly business - there are plenty of car parks and parking bays around the city for everyone to use.

"But it will become both costly and inconvenient for those who ignore parking restrictions which are there for everyone's benefit - especially now that we have the capability to remove illegally parked cars. It's up to drivers whether they want to pay £2 or nearly £200 by parking either legally or illegally."

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