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Casey joins consumer group to inform parents of potentially dangerous toys adds toy list and elec scooter safety tips to website

Auditor General Robert P. Casey Jr. today joined with a consumer group to make public a list of potentially dangerous toys, and to remind parents and caregivers of the need to ensure that toys are safe and age-appropriate. In particular, Casey focused on safe use of one of this year's most popular toys - the scooter.

"Safety is one of the most important gifts we can give our children this holiday season," Casey said. "We must work together to prevent toy-related injuries."

Potentially dangerous toys are sold in toy and specialty stores across the state, according to the 15th annual survey released by the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group (PennPIRG). For the fourth consecutive year, Casey and Attorney General Michael Fisher today joined representatives from PIRG at a child care center to announce specific toys that present hazards for children of all ages.

"This report helps parents to enter the holiday season better informed about potential dangers," Casey said. "As a parent and as a public official, I appreciate PennPIRG's efforts to encourage the use of safe and age-appropriate toys."

Casey specifically urged parents to be aware of the safety tips for scooter riders that have been recommended by PennPIRG and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

"We must be certain that as scooters gain in popularity, so does the use of protective safety gear," Casey said. "Already this year, more than 26,000 scooter-related injuries have been treated in our nation's emergency rooms. Our children are better protected when they wear elbow and knee pads, helmets and wrist guards."

An outspoken advocate for safety in child care facilities, Casey has asked the Department of the Auditor General's Child Care Center to ensure that none of the toys on the list are used in the center. "Again this year, we will make copies of the report available for parents when they pick up their children from this child care center today," Casey said. "I will also be happy to send a copy of the list to any other center that wants to distribute it to parents."

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