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Consumer Affairs offers holiday shopping tips for buying scooter electric UK products

Montgomery County’s Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) in the Department of Housing and Community Affairs offers several holiday shopping tips to help consumers avoid problems that typically occur during the holiday season.

The most common problem involves returning unwanted merchandise. Maryland law allows merchants to set their own return policy concerning refunds and exchanges as long as it is posted on a prominent sign or written on the sales receipt or price tag.

"Find out ahead of time what a store's return policy is before making a purchase,” advises DCA acting chief Evan Johnson, “While most stores in the Washington area have fairly liberal return policies, many have restrictions and some do not allow returns at all and some stores’ return policies have become more restrictive than in the past.”

In Maryland, these return policies do not limit a merchant’s responsibility when the merchandise is defective. If a product is defective, the manufacturer or retailer should repair or replace the defective product or refund the purchase price.

Consumers should also save receipts and make sure the receipt is itemized. For example, if the receipt says "MDSE,” for merchandise, have the clerk identify in writing the specific merchandise that was purchased. This will verify the price paid in case the same item is on sale when it is returned. Without a sales slip, the merchant may only be willing to refund the post holiday sale price. If the item is a gift, include a gift card so the recipient will receive the full dollar amount paid for the item, not the sale price.

Consumers who are shopping online should research the product and the company carefully before buying. Be sure to get a physical address and phone number for the company, having their website address is not enough to track a company when the product arrives broken, incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory. As with any purchase, check the refund policy and the warranty coverage. Be sure to compare delivery charges and the date the item will be shipped. Print out any email purchase confirmations.

Consumers are also urged to consider safety when purchasing holiday toys. For example, be sure to purchase a helmet when buying a bike or scooter. Always buy age appropriate toys. The age listed on the toy is there both for developmental and safety reasons. Buying a three year old child a toy meant for a five year old child could put the three year old in danger of being injured. For more safe toy buying tips, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) which protects the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death from 15,000 types of consumer products, including children’s toys. In addition, CPSC has released a list of dangerous products for children which might still be lurking in consumer’s attics, basements, toy boxes or closets.

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