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Huffy Bicycle Company, a division of Huffy Corporation, announced today a multi-million dollar advertising commitment to support the Huffy bicycle brand.

"Huffy bicycles are the number one selling brand of bicycles in America. Huffy has produced bicycles since 1892 and has never relinquished the top selling position since achieving the #1 spot in 1977. We are committed to a long-term print and TV campaign to maximize strong fourth quarter demand for our retail partners as well as maintaining high Huffy brand preference through an ongoing campaign for Spring and Fall 2003. Huffy is focused on growth in bicycles and other new products with a strong emphasis on sporting goods," said Paul D'Aloia, Huffy Bicycle Company President and General Manager.

Huffy Bicycle Company has a long successful track record of innovative new products including recent successes such as Disney's(R) Princess(R) line for young girls, pogo sticks, Monkey Bikes and Micro(TM) scooters. The new ad campaign will serve to both introduce new products (such as the new tri-wheel Huffy Spin Cycle(TM)) and reinforce Huffy's image for family fun and recreation.

"The advertising campaign theme is, 'Huffy. Get One. Have Fun!' which our research has shown captures the emotional connection between all types of Huffy products and our family oriented consumers. We will be supporting the campaign with point-of-sale merchandising. The print campaign is set to kick-off this Fall with TV to follow in Spring 2003 and Fall 2003," said Bill Smith, Vice President Sales and Marketing.

Huffy Bicycle Company is pleased with the retailer response to the initiative which will insure Huffy will continue to maintain its market share through a strong portfolio of new and innovative Huffy branded products.

Huffy Corporation is a leading provider of consumer and retail services and a leading supplier of bicycles and home basketball equipment.

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