UnderGroundOnline and its celebrity pop-culture columnist, Gary Coleman, combat the motorscooter trend

UnderGroundOnline, the entertainment mecca for 18-34 year old males on the Web, and their pop- culture celebrity columnist Gary Coleman, are demanding that people support their call for the first ever referendum to ban scooters.

UnderGroundOnline is articulating the universal frustration of cabbies, bikers and pedestrians, all of whom have raised their voices against a common evil: the transport trend of the year, the aluminum foot-powered scooter.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled 100, 000 scooters and reports that to date there have been 30,000 scooter-related injuries as well as three fatalities in the U.S. alone; however, UnderGroundOnline is not taking issue with scooters for safety-related reasons.

"We just think that scooters are stupid," explains UnderGroundOnline's President and CEO, J Moses.

"Everyone hates those damned things!" said Coleman. "I am joining UnderGroundOnline in waging war against them. When I see a grown man with a tie on a scooter, I think loser."

Tomorrow, the company will start collecting signatures on a petition. 50,000 signatures of registered New York voters are needed on the petition in order for the referendum to appear on the ballot. Additionally, UnderGroundOnline will have an online signature page, so its monthly audience of 6.5 million and others can express their support for the referendum.

Scooter banning is not new. Several London city councils are considering banning scooters from pavements and other pedestrian areas in the city, citing that they could become "a major nuisance."

About UnderGroundOnline:

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