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Santas on a Scooter holiday hit bringing popularity to board scooters and mopeds!!!

Santas on a Scooter Soars up Holiday Charts!!!!

Noticed all the kids on scooters these days? Lex & The Hood did and recorded "Santas on a Scooter", a Beachboyesque romp that is currently receiving widespread airplay on Internet radio stations. The song, produced by Cyberband Records, is available by free download exclusively thru at .

"Its been almost 40 years since the surfing craze launched a whole new genre of pop music" said Lex Ventura who sings lead. "The current scooter mania has given us a chance to tip our hats to that great era".

"We came up with the song so recently that we simply didnt have time to press any CD's" said The Hood, President of Cyberband Records. "So in the spirit of the holiday season we are giving it away!".

"Its a fun, catchy tune that will spice up any holiday festivity".

The song has been included in the 20 songs selected by for this years holiday station list and is in the top 1% of daily airplay by mp3 listeners.

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