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Gas powered scooters for cheap are great but you still need to read scooter-related news and safety information LLC has launched a new portal aimed at both entertaining and educating scooter-loving kids. provides free email, along with scooter-related links and news. "We're excited to set this up, as it is a personal issue for some of us to provide this type of site." said Paul Worsham, president, LLC. "Scooters, in the family of kickboards and human-powered riding devices, are popular and fun, but also dangerous." will emphasize the popular, fun-seeking thrill of scooters, which are now wildly popular worldwide. Targeting pre-teens to early teens, the site will continue to expand it's already packed homepage with more information, and provide sections devoted to scooter safety, riding techniques, and news about the growing numbers of accidents that accompany the rise in scooter sales.

The site also offers free e-mail accounts. Additional site features, similar to other portals, will include chat, message boards, and freehome pages. A contest to win a free scooter will be launched in October.

"We own scooters, use scooters, and that will drive us to make this an outstanding resource for all aspects of these toys, except maybe pictures of Britney Spears riding a scooter onstage or something like that." said Martha Branch, spokesperson, She noted that the site's links do include news articles regarding pop stars the Spice Girls and scooters.Also planned are an online activity center and regular best scooter picture contests, to be voted on by the sites visitors.

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