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Introducing The City Mantis the most innovative used scooters on today's market; it's radical are you?

The unique features of the foldaway City Mantis ensure admiring glances wherever the rider glides effortlessly past to the glorious sound of silence.

As its name implies the City Mantis takes it's inspiration from one of the most incredible creatures within the insect world.

The fully adjustable rear mono-shock suspension seat comfortably carries the rider above the aluminum composite box frame, which neatly houses the twin 12V gel rechargeable battery power pack. The adjustable handlebars sit forward mimicking the head of its inquisitive namesake. The unusual seating position with your feet firmly positioned on pegs that fold into place at the rear is easily mastered, and the machines innovative design allows the City Mantis to be ridden either sitting or standing.

Designed for teenagers and adults alike, the maximum speed of 15mph is quickly achieved via the impressive 250W power unit. The distance range is between 10 & 14 miles dependant on conditions.

The City Mantis can be folded flat in seconds (no tools required), making it extremely portable and easy to store.

The City Mantis is supplied with charging unit, which recharges from flat in 4-6 hours or from half charge in 30-40 minutes. Simply plug straight into the machine and your domestic electricity supply, it's that simple.

Zero emissions, quiet and incredibly economical the Mantis makes a fantastic alternative form of short distance transport.

Ride into the future on a clean & cool City Mantis.

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