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Load and transport scooters & mopeds easily with the EZ Tilter : Market-Ability announces its brand new product the EZ Tilter

Welcome to a whole new way of moving things as we know it! The people at EZ Access Transporters have developed a lightweight device that hooks on the back of your vehicle and lets you load and transport wheelchairs, scooters and other forms of secondary transportation that you never thought possible in a car or truck.

Each device mounts to a 2" receivable hitch that you may already have on your vehicle. This new patent pending tilt loader can be installed quickly and easily. Once installed, it takes just three simple steps to load your wheelchair of scooter onto the EZ Tilter.

The EZ Tilter works with ease and reliability, without motors which eliminates the possibility of mechanical failure. It comes with a variety of safety featuresó including pins, chains and locksó that insure the security of the objects you are loading.

The EZ Tilter weighs a mere 25 pounds and can be handled just as easily as a grocery cart. It features a grip proof surface and comes in a universal size so you can install it on any vehicle, regardless of whether it is a truck or car. The EZ Tilter surpasses all of its competition by combining a high quality item that is not only durable, but dependable as well with low cost.

Northern California based Market-Ability, LLC is a joint-venture firm that partners with new product inventors and distributors and markets their products and services through direct response television, radio, catalogs, direct mail and more.

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