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Power Rider series of electric scooters - atvís - mopeds now the newest craze

Whimsical and evoking of nostalgia the electric scooters by Truespeed Inc. combine that sense of style, practicality and affordability.

Theyíre fast, sleek and best of all ultra-quiet and able to cruise up to 25 miles per hour with a range of 20-25 miles on a single charge. Whatís the hottest ride out there thatís definitely catching everyoneís attention? These are the Power Rider series of electric scooters distributed by Truespeed Inc. of Califonia.

Electric Scooters are no longer items of novelty but in every sense of the word practical and reliable® quipped Michael Chew , managing director of Truespeed Inc. The Power Rider scooters carry a full 90 day manufacturer's warranty that can be extended for up to a year.® Truespeed Inc. has a full service tech center in Los Angeles that handles additional service or parts replacement on an as needed basis.

Nowadays electric scooters are seen zipping around the boardwalk, main street, parkways and surface streets. Everyone agrees that they are the coolest thing on wheels since the introduction of the fold-up scooters from a few years ago. The electric scooter is the perfect answer for that quick trip to the convenience store, library or even to the school as gas prices are creeping up again to record highs. May it be for a practical errand or just to enjoy a moment of fun outdoors, the Power Rider scooter is that perfect ride to take you there!

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