Illegal Motorized Scooters

Illegal Motorized Scooters - Check With Local Police

Some communities are beginning to take a dim view of skateboards, scooters and mopeds in their communities. In a few communities, they have gone the extra step of declaring them all illegal. In these communities, consumers are not allowed to use their motor scooters or mopeds on any public road, which includes sidewalks. These illegal motorized scooters were generating so many complaints that local authorities had to take this unusual step. Residents found using their scooter or moped on city streets can be fined or even go to jail.

The regulations declaring scooters illegal went into effect because residents were finding that riders were riding on the sidewalks with their scooters and mopeds. An illegal motorized scooter cannot be used on any city street, on the sidewalk or in any public area in these communities as according to the law. This can make it quite difficult for people who need a scooter or a moped for mobility reasons to be able to move around. Although very few communities have taken this unusual law, many are observing how well these regulations work and if they can really be enforced.

Customers who are planning to purchase a motor powered scooter or moped may want to check with the local police to learn what is considered legal in your community and what the regulations are for scooters. All scooter and moped riders should be courteous, treat pedestrians with respect and follow the local traffic laws. If moped riders and scooter riders follow these simple rules, most communities will not need to enact a law and regulation that severely controla the use of motor scooters and mopeds on city streets and sidewalks.

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