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Electric Mobility Scooters - Theft Protection

Electric mobility scooters have been a huge help to many people who need assistance with their mobility and other consumers who need an inexpensive way to get around. Unfortunately, the thieves in our neighbourhoods also see these electric scooters and mopeds as attractive items as well and routinely steel unattended scooters. Some community organizations and dealers will run an awareness program for scooter owners to learn how to protect their scootersfrom theft. The local police will usually assist and run seminars that will discuss the local laws related to scooters that run on electricity and also how to avoid your scooter being stolen.

Electric mobility scooter machines also need routine maintenance. During the awareness programs run by local dealers, they will also check your electric scooter for any safety related issues. Scooters and mopeds should be checked for proper brake operation, steering operation and also ensure that tires are fully inflated. This is an excellent way for scooter owners to have routine checks done on your scooter and mopeds while at the same time learning how to protect your scooter or moped from theft.

Many scooter or moped owners feel that they can leave their scooters unattended for a few minutes and not need to worry. This is exactly the time that your mobility may be threatened by someone stealing your electric scooter or moped. If you need your scooter for medical reasons you may also be on a limited income and not be able to afford a new one easily. Ensuring that your scooter is locked and chained when not in use is a start at ensuring that your mobility will not be threatened.

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