Gas Powered Scooters

Gas Powered Scooters - Ride Safely

Gas powered scooters can be deceiving for many parents as well as their children. Although powered scooters and mopeds have small engines and cannot usually maintain a speed over 20 miles per hour, they are actually quite dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user. Many parents will purchase a scooter or moped as a gift for their children to ride around their property or on the local roads in their community. Since they are viewed to be slow moving parents often do not give much thought about safety or even review the traffic laws with their children.

Add to this the lack of helmets and other protective gear, parents are setting their children up for accidents when their children are riding their gas powered scooter or moped around the neighbourhood. Parents and consumers should review the local laws for gas powered mopeds and scooters to ensure that they and their children are properly equipped to drive scooters on the road. In addition, some driver training is another good approach to take before turning the power gas scooter or power gas moped over to your youngster.

Many twelve year olds and even some sixteen year olds who have not had any driver training, show a strong lack of knowledge about the rules of the road and how to control their scooters at high speed. These scooters and mopeds can go as fast as twenty miles an hour in some cases and can do a lot of damage when they are driven out of control and in an irresponsive manner. Children tend to be a bit reckless and a gas scooter or power moped can be a dangerous weapon in their un-trained hands.

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