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Scooters Custom Paint - Make Your Scooter Stand Out

For years many paint shops have provided specialty custom painted designs for cars, vans and motorcycles. It was a means for customers to express themselves and provide a beautiful design or image on the side of the car of van. Motorcycle riders have also taken up this past time with many highly illustrative designs and pictures painted on gas tanks and fenders. Now, these same paint shops will provide scooters custom paint designs and illustrations on scooters and mopeds. Scooters and mopeds are small by nature so designs are also smaller, however this is not limiting what people are adding to their scooters and mopeds.

Moped scooter custom paint designs require special paints mixed in small quantities for the relatively small surfaces that are provided by scooters and moped frames. Never the less the paint shops and the paint manufacturers are providing products that allow small amounts of paint to be mixed and applied to scooter frames and moped frames. These small quantities are also useful for repairs as well and will make the repair job a much less expensive proposition than it normally might be.

Most scooter and moped manufacturers will use standard paints on the frames of their scooters. These paints can be mixed easily by following the paint formula provided by the manufacturer and repairs can be accomplished relatively inexpensively. Custom paint applications present more a difficult mixing challenge. If you have the mixing formula, always provide this formula to the paint shop so they can make an exact paint match. Otherwise the paint may not match perfectly and you may need to re-paint the entire frame to avoid that unfinished look.

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