Moped Use Regulations

Moped Use Regulations - Driving Restrictions

A number of communities have enacted quite strict regulations in response to many complaints from residents using pedestrian pathways, sidewalks and the local roads. Moped use regulations in some communities may include restricting anyone under the age of sixteen from operating a motorized scooter or moped, require all riders to wear a helmet when driving a scooter or moped that is motorized, and some communities even require a license to drive a scooter on community roads. Mopeds and scooters are meant for one person only and that is the driver. All scooter and moped drivers must obey all traffic laws as well as signs and signals and scooters and mopeds may not be driven on any though fare that has a greater speed limit that twenty five miles per hour. Motorized mopeds can not be driven faster than thirty miles per hour. Also, scooters are not allowed to tow another vehicle or be towed by another vehicle and they cannot be driven on sidewalks.

Although this seems like a long list of restrictions, this list will vary by community depending on the moped use regulation restrictions that your community has enacted. Scooter and moped riders would be well advised to check the driving regulations in your community before riding your scooter or moped around the community. The police department takes a dim view of any riders that are not obeying the laws especially, if they have been receiving a lot of complaints from residents.

Local residents have forced their governments to pass these regulations to protect both the scooter drivers while driving around the community as well as pedestrians who may be terrorized by riders who may not even know the local driving regulation.

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