Motorized Scooter Laws

Motorized Scooter Laws - Community Requirements

Motorized scooter laws vary from community to community. In some locations, the laws are quite restrictive and essentially require all motorized scooters and mopeds to follow the same laws as a car or a motorcycle. In other locations, riders are free to ride their scooters on the roads without any special license. Although dealers should inform all customers about the legal law requirements for riding a scooter or moped on the road, they sometimes forget and the scooter owner receives a rude if not expensive surprise when they are stopped and fined.

If you plan to purchase a motor scooter or moped, you may want to confirm with both the dealer as well as the local police in your community what the laws are for scooters driven on the road. Consumers may find they need a license and they also need to wear protective helmets as part of a motorized scooter law. While wearing a helmet may be required by law, it is also a good idea to wear one to be safe and protect yourself in case of an accident.

Your local police department will be able to quickly tell you what is required by law in your community and also if there are restrictions. In some locations scooters and mopeds are not to be ridden on bicycle paths, walking paths and really any off road situations that are frequented by pedestrians. These laws are put in place for your protection and the protection of other pedestrians and drivers. Motorized scooters and mopeds can usually go much faster than people can walk, yet are slower than car traffic, so you need to be extra careful when driving your scooter or moped on the road.

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