Lambretta Motorized Scooters

Lambretta Motorized Scooters - New to North America

Lambretta motorized scooters have recently been introduced to the North American market place by Lambretta Intl. Lambretta scooters were sold in the North American market during the 1950's and have been absent from the market for a number years. Lambretta will be competing with Vespa, a motor competitor in the North American market as well as in Europe. Lambretta will sell both scooters and mopeds across the USA beginning in 2004. Customers of Lambretta will be pleased with the new exciting line up of scooters and mopeds that will be on the market and also the additional competition.

The Lambretta motorized scooter will provide many new customers with a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure as they utilize their new scooter or moped to get around the community. These scooters and mopeds do not normally need a license to operate them on city streets, however customers should always check with their local authorities to find out if your scooter or moped requires a license or insurance. There may also be a requirement for scooter riders to wear a helmet while riding their scooter. Scooters and mopeds provide a great way for customers to either regain some mobility if you need your scooter for this purpose or just for general transportation around town.

There are many advantages to riding scooters around town. Scooters made by Lambretta Intl. can be used for general transportation to get around your community and avoid causing increased pollution from cars. A moped can navigate busy city streets much easier, parking is usually not a problem and many electric motor scooters will easily fold up for storage purposes. They can easily be stored at the office or at home with little problem.

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