Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Fuel Efficient

Electric bikes are beginning to gain a resurgence in popularity as a means to get around on busy city streets. Electric powered scooters and mopeds also are great alternatives to using your car. Both the bikes and scooters that are powered by electric motors, take very little to power their batteries and are good for anywhere from 10 to 15 miles depending on the terrain and the load the bike or scooter is carrying.

In many communities an electric bike does not need any kind of license to be ridden on the road. Consumers are urged to check with local authorities to confirm that they do not need to register or take any kind of test. Consumers, who are riding any power electric scooter, moped or bike, must still follow the rules of the road for their own safety.

The laws may vary in communities regarding the need for a license for electric scooters and mopeds. Some power scooters will travel quite quickly on the roads and may need to have a license. Again check with the local authorities. Electric powered scooters, mopeds and bikes are a great way to help to reduce pollution and congestion in our cities.

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