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Scooter Safety Clinics Ride Smart

There are so many injuries every year from accidents with inline skates, bicycles, mopeds and scooters that many communities are beginning to run clinics every year in the spring to educate riders about safety on sooters and mopeds. These moped and scooter safety clinics have been quite successful for many communities with a reduction inscooter and moped injuries. Moped and scooter clinics are run often and as an incentive to attend, many seminars will offer free helmets or other give a ways. The seminar usually covers a number of useful topics that are aimed at ensuring that new riders of scooters, mopeds and skateboards will follow the rules of the road.

The scooter safety clinic and seminar that is run in your community may not follow this exact set of topics, however any guidance is better than none at all. One of the first areas that the seminars and clinics will cover is the rules of the road. If you going to ride on the road or even cross the road, it is always a good idea to understand what the rules are for even crossing the road. Consumers can take advantage of the clinics with no obligation and start to practice the safety rules on their mopeds or scooter that they learned at the seminar.

Other topics that are often covered at these seminars include learning how to merge when entering a roadway, practicing control and balance and avoiding too much speed, checking for traffic behind you and learning the benefits of wearing a helmet. Many young people may feel that wearing a helmet is not cool, however in the mopeds and scooters seminars and clinics, they learn the potential impacts of not wearing a helmet.

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