Foot Powered Scooters

Foot Powered Scooters Novel Way to Travel

There are three classes of scooters and mopeds the gas powered scooter and moepd; the electric powered scooter and moped; and foot powered scooters and mopeds. Scooters and mopeds in general have enjoyed a rapid growth in interest and use over the past few years. The aluminium scooters with no motor and pushed by foot have become a hot fad among young people as well as older adults as a fun way to get around. These scooters and mopeds fold up easily and can be stored in the trunk, under the bed or in your locker or even under your desk at work. Although there are not many people yet who use their feet to power a scooter or moped to work, there are many people who use regular powered scooters or mopeds to get around.

Congested streets, expensive parking, increasing gas prices are just some of the reasons that consumers are migrating to using powered scooters such as gas motors and electric motors. Using a foot powered scooter is the logical next step in propulsion. There are so many benefits to using these scooters and mopeds that is hard to understand why even more people are not using them. A scooter powered by the foot costs nothing to operate. You do not need to spend money on gas or parking. There are no major repairs for your car and you are not polluting the air when you use a scooter or motor powered by foot power!

There is at least one more major advantage. You may not want to take the time to walk to work that would be great exercise. Using a scooter or moped with foot power is the next best thing to get exercise and get to school or to work. You can get your daily workout and save time as well as money when you use your feet.

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