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Piaggio scooter history dates back to 1884 and was owned by the Piaggio family as a privately owned company under Piaggio Holding S.p.A.. The company is no longer owned by the Piaggio family, falling under control of the Morgan Grenfell Private Equity group, which is part of the Deutsche Bank's private equity arm. The Piaggio Holding S.p.A., continued to expand by acquiring the control of the Derbi-Nacional Motor S.A. group which manufactured scooters and mopeds in Spain. Other brands have been added since, creating the European leader in the scooter and moped market.

Piaggio scooter histories includes racing various models in races in and around the European continent. Piaggio remained out of the racing venues for a number of years and then re-entered the racing venue in 2001, winning the 125cc championships. Piaggio has worked hard to become one of the leaders in the scooter and moped markets with gasoline and electric powered scoters and mopeds. Customers have been purchasing scooter products from Piaggio for over 150 years with confidence knowing they are receiving a quality product.

Many Piaggio scooter customers come back to purchase their 2nd and 3rd machines because of the service and the reliability of the scooters and mopeds that they provide. Customers know they can rely on these scooters to deliver the rated power and riding pleasure. Piaggio is always working to add improvements to their line of scooters and customers look forward each year to the new line up of scooter and moped products that will be introduced. Dealers and usually not get enough of the product.

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