Indoor Scooter Tracks

Indoor Scooter Tracks Fun For the Kids

In California consumers are beginning to see indoor scooter tracks that are being set up for the kids to ride electric scooters and mopeds indoors. These tracks are inside malls and provide an interesting pastime for the kids while mom and dad are shopping. All of the scooters are electric and they are available at most of the stores that sell Zappy scooters in the mall. Mopeds and scooters come in both gas powered as well as electric models, however only the electric models are allowed on the indoor tracks. The line up for to ride these scooters inside at Christmas time has been longer than the line up for many other toys.

The popularity of the electric powered scooters and mopeds has been growing especially with the introduction of the indoor scooter track. Potential customers get to try the scooter or moped ahead of time on a track before they purchase the scooter. They also receive hands on instructions inside the track on how to operate the scooter. If they have any questions that is the time to have all of their questions addressed. The scooter and moped track is an excellent way to test-drive the models indoors so the effects of outside do not hamper the initial enjoyment.

Customers will find that the scooters and mopeds are easy to drive. A battery that is charged from a standard wall outlet powers the electric motors. They can maintain a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour depending on the terrain and the weight of the person that is riding on the scooter and moped. Consumers should also check if helmets are required if they will ride their scooters on the road.

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