Portable Scooter Ramps

Portable Scooter Ramps Makes Transport Easy

Consumers who own scooters and mopeds that need them to help them to get around at the grocery store, the mall or just to take a ride outside have a problem that many people never give a second thought to. That problem is how will they transport their scooter if they need to go any distance in a car, truck or van to a location beyond the range of their scooters. Several companies have developed solutions to make this issue much easier for scooter and moped riders. They have developed portable scooter ramps that attached to the standard trailer hitch that most vehicles use to pull their trailers with. Scooters and mopeds can be placed on these ramps to be transported.

The portable scooter ramp attaches to the trailer hitch and comes with all of the bolts and connectors that are required. The moped and scooter ramp will tilt so you can drive your scooter or moped onto the ramp. Attachments come with the ramp to secure the scooters to the ramp. The loader can be attached to most hitches with out any other adjustments, however consumers should check with their dealers to be sure. Once your scooter or moped is on the ramp and secured, consumers can transport their scooter anywhere they want to go.

Once you arrive at your location, just lower the ramp, remove the securing attachments and drive your scooter or moped off the ramp and go about your tasks for the day. Consumers no longer need to be worried about going to distant locations and renting scooters or just not going out. The ramp allows the scooters and mopeds to be portable and moved to distant locations.

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