City Mantis Electric Scooter

Mantis Electric Scooter Zero Emissions

The City Mantis electric scooters introduced by City Mantis provides many customers with a quiet, noise free ride without the aggravation of dealing with a gas powered motor generating pollution. Electric powered scooters and mopeds provide riders with silent rides and do not bother anyone around them. Owners can take these scooters or mopeds almost anywhere. Since they run on electric power there is no pollution, and they are silent so the scooters can be used in malls and in residential homes with no problems. The moped will not bother other people in the shopping centres or in homes were they live.

Customers of almost all ages can use these scooters and mopeds. The City Mantis electric scooter and moped is electrically powered by twin batteries and are limited to 15 miles per hour and can travel approximately ten to fourteen miles depending on how they are driven and the circumstances they deal with such as ramps and extra weight. The mantis scooter or moped can be driven either standing or sitting depending on how you adjust the seat.

If you are out longer than you planned, and are worried that you might not be able to make it home, just plug in your mantis scooter anywhere there is an power plug to recharge the batteries. You can recharge the scooter batteries from a half charge very quickly. Check the manuals or discuss with the dealer the time it takes to recharge the Mantis electric power scooter.

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