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Pride Electric Scooters – New Scooter

Pride Mobility Products Corp, like many other scooter company’s releases new products from time to time to both improve their products but also to stay in the limelight and attract customers. Pride electric scooters and mopeds are the newest scooter that Pride has released to the general public. Dealers are excited about the new electric powered scooter and moped, and are looking forward to having them in their showrooms to demonstrate to customers. These mopeds are ideal for urban living for people who need that extra bit of power to get around.

The Pride electric scooter is easy to transport and use in shopping centres and other crowded areas. The electric power scooter disassembles for transport, travels at 4.25 miles per hour, which is more than fast enough for shopping centres and other, crowded locations. The scooter and moped will also travel approximately 10 miles between charges. The tires are solid so there is no worry about flat tires and the electric scooter or moped comes with its own battery charger. Customers can hook up to a power outlet any time they are concerned about getting back to their homes.

The electric powered scooter and moped will also disassemble for transport purposes. Customers concerned about weight do not need to worry about lifting the scooter since the heaviest part is only 35 pounds. Whether you call it a moped or a scooter, this scooter powered by an electrically charged battery will provide a great deal of flexibility and enjoyment for those people who need a bit of assistance getting around. Customers can rely on the Pride Mobility Products Corp scooters and mopeds for their reliability, comfort and utility.

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