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Honda Environmental Scooters Environmentally Friendly

Honda, like most companies is putting increasing emphasis on developing products that are environment friendly. Their scooter and moped line of products is no different and with their latest introductions they have been able to make another contribution to the environment. Honda environmental scooters provide a clean economical ride for all Honda scooter and moped enthusiasts. These scooters are engineered to reduce the amount of pollution they contribute to the air and also last a long time. Honda scooters and mopeds, like their larger counterpart, provide long lasting service and require little maintenance.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd has been developing and manufacturing motorcycles, scooters and mopeds for many years. The Honda environmental scooter and moped is a relatively new addition to the line up as they try to reduce the pollution their scooters and mopeds produce. The engines are four cycle engines instead of the 2 cycle engines. Two cycle engines require oil to be added to the gasoline to provide lubrication to the engine. The oil is burnt in the process of running the engine and there is often a large cloud of exhaust that follows these scooter especially if they are not tuned well.

Scooters with four cycle engines are lubricated separately from the fuel mixture and as a result there is little oil burnt in the combustion process. Four cycle engine provide far less pollution and impact the environment much less as a result. Customers who wish to make a positive impact on the environment can do so by purchasing a four cycle scooter to get great gas mileage and to avoid burning oil as part of the combustion process.

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