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Foreign Scooters Competitive markets

Scooter and moped manufacturers around the world have recognized that there is a huge market for scooters and mopeds. As a result many foreign scooters are being developed and introduced to the markets in some of the underdeveloped countries were scooters and mopeds are in huge demand. A foreign scooter or moped manufacturer may not always find it that easy to begin distributing foreign scooters. Service and repair are very important, and if customers do not feel that they will receive either of these, a foreign moped manufacturer can receive a bad reputation very quickly.

Foreign manufacturers must work very hard to introduce the right product and the right service levels to match customer expectations. If they are too different than existing scooter distributors, customers may not be willing to purchase their product. For example if a warranty for the new foreign scooter or moped is not as good as the existing products, customers will think twice about buying something different. Customers need to know that they can arrange for repairs to their scooters and mopeds with a minimum of delay and at a reasonable price as well.

Customers must also be able to obtain repairs easily when they need parts or various mopeds breakdown. Providing excellent service and repair will help to maintain the reputation and avoid getting a bad reputation for being different than the incumbent scooter distributor or manufacturer. Foreign scoters will have a very difficult time to break into a new market unless they can deal with these issues and avoid being perceived as very different in an inferior way.

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