Scooter Helmet Laws

Scooter Helmet Laws - Protect from Injury

More and more states are enacting scooter helmet laws to help protect their scooter and moped riders from serious head injuries. In fact some communities are enacting laws that require riders on a scooter, a moped or even a skateboard to wear a helmet. The laws are aimed at two fundamental objectives for those riding scooters or mopeds. One is to genuinely help people and protect them. The other is to reduce the medical costs and the trauma caused to people when they experience head injuries while not wearing protective helmets on mopeds or scooters.

When someone riding a scooter or moped falls off, or is hit by a car, they run the risk of serious injury. It is especially sad if a child is hurt and was not wearing a helmet to protect them. A simple scooter helmet law can make all of the difference between being hurt badly and just a bruise or slight concussion. Following the laws that require helmets to be worn can prevent the entire trauma to the individual and the family.

Many governments are enacting laws such as wearing helmets for moped and scooter riders to ensure that there are less serious injuries. Scooters and mopeds have very little to offer in the way of protection. The law is there to help with this. Even if your state does not have such a law, wear a helmet to ensure you stay safe.

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