GEN-X Snow Scooter

GEN-X snow scooter Skate Board or Snow Skate

The GEN-X snow scooter is a brand new product introduced by Gen-X Sports to the public for snow skating on ice and snow, as well as on the street. GEN-X snow scooters and mopeds are a cross between a skateboard and a snow skate. This scooter and moped in one folds down for easy storage and transport in your trunk or even in the back seat.

Just as skate boarders and snow boarders before them, snow scooter enthusiasts will develop all of the tricks and thrills that they can throw at the snow skate. The snow scooter and moped is made of dense plastic, which can withstand impacts on snow and ice surfaces as people jump and tumble with their snow and ice scooter. GEN-X snow scooters and mopeds represent the hopes and dreams of several of the executives of GEN-X Sports who are betting that this scooter and moped product will become popular with the younger crowd with money to spend.

Many companies understand that teens have the most disposable income. GEN-X Sports is aiming this product at this market with the expectation that they will latch onto the snow scooter the same way they have purchased skateboards by the thousands. Customers who spend the day on their snow scooters and mopeds can fold it up for stowage in their cars once they are finished for the day. This scooter is expected to be a hot new product.

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